A still, small voice.@1 Kings 19:12

Mary M. Culter, in United Praise, edited by Edmund S. Lorenz & Ira B. Wilson (New York: Lorenz & Company, 1908), number 87.

Edmund S. Lorenz (🔊 pdf nwc).

Edmund S. Lorenz (1854–1942)

There’s music in my soul today,
A music rich and sweet,
Which fills my life with melody
And makes my joy complete!
For I have heard the whisper of
A voice that speaks to me
Of pardon, which my Lord bestows,
And love beyond degree.


I am listening to God!
I am listening to God!
My heart is still, I fear no ill,
I’m listening to God!

He tells me of the tender care
That guards me night and day;
He tells me of a loving hand
That leads me all the way;
He speaks the word of comfort when
My heart is sore oppressed,
And whispers of the heav’nly land,
Where I shall find His rest.


He bids me fear no evil thing
But trust His watchful care;
He bids me cast on Him the load
I find too great to bear;
He points me to the better land
Where burdens are laid down,
And promises that I shall wear
In Heav’n a victor’s crown.