Scripture Verse

Yet a little while, and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry. Hebrews 10:37


Daniel W. Whittle (1840–1901)

Words: Da­ni­el W. Whit­tle, 1879. Some hym­nals give the au­thor as El Na­than, one of Whit­tle’s pseu­do­nyms.

Music: Finch­ley James Mc­Gra­na­han (🔊 pdf nwc).

James McGranahan (1840–1907)



A lit­tle while! and He shall come;
The hour draws on apace,
The bless­èd hour, the glo­ri­ous morn,
When we shall see His face:
How light our tri­als then will seem!
How short our pil­grim way!
Our life on earth a fit­ful dream,
Dispelled by dawn­ing day!


Then come, Lord Je­sus, quick­ly come,
In glo­ry and in light!
Come take Thy long­ing child­ren home,
And end earth’s wea­ry night!

A lit­tle while! with pa­tience, Lord,
I fain would ask, How long?
For how can I with such a hope
Of glo­ry and of home,
With such a joy await­ing me,
Not wish the hour were come?
How can I keep the long­ing back,
And how sup­press the groan?


Yet peace, my heart! and hush, my tongue!
Be calm, my trou­bled breast!
Each pass­ing hour is hast­en­ing on
The ev­er­last­ing rest:
Thou know­est well—the time thy God
Appoints for thee is best:
The morn­ing star will soon arise;
The glow is in the east.