No­vem­ber 22, 1840, Chi­co­pee Falls, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

March 4, 1901, North­field, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Cen­ter Ce­me­te­ry, North­field, Mas­sa­chu­setts.


Whittle was named af­ter Am­er­i­can po­li­ti­cian Dan­i­el Web­ster. He reached the rank of ma­jor in the Am­er­i­can ci­vil war, and for the rest of his life was known as Ma­jor Whit­tle.

During the war, Whit­tle lost his right arm, and end­ed up in a pri­son­er of war camp. Re­cov­er­ing from his wounds in the hos­pi­tal, he looked for some­thing to read, and found a New Tes­ta­ment. Though its words re­so­nat­ed with him, he was not rea­dy to ac­cept Christ.

Shortly af­ter, a hos­pi­tal or­der­ly woke him and said a dy­ing pri­son­er want­ed some­one to pray with him. Whit­tle de­murred, but the or­der­ly said, But I thought you were a Chris­tian; I have seen you read­ing your Bi­ble. Whit­tle then agreed to go. He re­cord­ed what took place at the dy­ing youth’s bed side:

I dropped on my knees and held the boy’s hand in mine. In a few brok­en words I con­fessed my sins and asked Christ to for­give me. I be­lieved right there that He did for­give me.

I then prayed ear­nest­ly for the boy. He be­came qui­et and pressed my hand as I prayed and plead­ed God’s pro­mis­es. When I arose from my knees, he was dead. A look of peace had come over his trou­bled face, and I can­not but be­lieve that God who used him to bring me to the Sav­ior, used me to lead him to trust Christ’s pre­cious blood and find par­don. I hope to meet him in hea­ven.

After the war, Whit­tle be­came trea­sur­er of the El­gin Watch Com­pa­ny in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois. Less than 10 years lat­er, he en­tered the ev­an­gel­ism field.

Dur­ing this per­i­od, he worked with mu­si­cians Phil­ip Bliss and James Mc­Gra­na­han. His daugh­ter May Moo­dy wrote mu­sic for some of his lyr­ics.

Of his de­ci­sion to de­vote his life to the Gos­pel, Whit­tle said that, while at work, he:

…went in­to the vault and in the dead si­lence of the qui­et­est of plac­es I gave my life to my Hea­ven­ly Fa­ther to use as He would.

Whittle’s works in­clude:

  1. Abundant Par­don, God Hath Said
  2. All’s Clear Up Aloft
  3. As Lives the Flow­er With­in the Seed
  4. As Soft­ly Through the Si­lent Hours
  5. Awake, Awake, O Chris­tian
  6. Banner of the Cross, The
  7. Be Care­ful What You Sow
  8. Be Near Me, O My Sav­ior
  9. Be Not De­ceived; God Is Not Mocked
  10. Be Still, My Heart, Thy Sav­ior Knows Full Well
  11. Be Ye Strong in the Lord
  12. Behold How Plain the Truth Is Made
  13. Believe, and Keep on Be­liev­ing
  14. Belovèd, Now Are We
  15. Beyond Our Sight a Ci­ty Four Square Li­eth
  16. Blessèd Hope
  17. Blessed Sav­ior, Ev­er Near­er I Am Draw­ing
  18. Brother, Art Thou Worn and Wea­ry?
  19. Brothers, by the Spir­it Band­ed
  20. Burdened Souls No Long­er
  21. By Grace Are Ye Saved
  22. Call of God Is Sound­ing Clear, The
  23. Call of the Roll on High, The
  24. Called Out of Dark­ness
  25. Carried by the An­gels
  26. Christ Hath Re­deemed Us, Sing the Glad Word
  27. Christ Is My Re­deem­er
  28. Christ Liv­eth in Me
  29. Christian, So Wea­ry and Faint on the Road
  30. Church of God Is Come, The
  31. Church of God Is One, The
  32. Come Be­liev­ing!
  33. Come Now, Sa­ith the Lord
  34. Come on the Wings of the Morn­ing
  35. Come Wea­ry One, Lift Up Your Face
  36. Comfort, My Peo­ple, the Lord Hath Said
  37. Coming of the King­dom Draw­eth Near!, The
  38. Complete in Him, O Pre­cious Word
  39. Cross of Christ, by Which Sal­va­tion
  40. Crowning Day, The
  41. Doers of the Word
  42. Drawing Near with Full As­sur­ance
  43. Fix Your Eyes up­on Je­sus
  44. Glory to God the Fa­ther
  45. God Bless You, from the Heart We Sing
  46. God Is Now Will­ing, in Christ Re­con­ciled
  47. Have Faith in God
  48. Have You Any Room for Je­sus?
  49. He Is Not Here, but Is Ris­en!
  50. He Stands, the King of Glo­ry
  51. Heavenly Race, The
  52. Hope of the Com­ing of the Lord, The
  53. I Be­lieved in God’s Won­der­ful Mer­cy and Grace
  54. I Am the Door
  55. I Know Whom I Have Be­lieved
  56. I Have a Faith in Christ My Lord
  57. I Have Need of Sal­va­tion from Sin
  58. I Have No­thing to Do with To­mor­row
  59. I Looked to Je­sus
  60. I Shall Be Sa­tis­fied
  61. I Thirst, I Thirst, the Sav­ior Said
  62. I Will!
  63. I Will Pass Ov­er You
  64. I Will Praise Thee
  65. I’ll Stand by Un­til the Morn­ing
  66. I’ve Found the Life of Tru­est Joy
  67. Jesus Christ Our Sav­ior
  68. Jesus Is Com­ing
  69. Jesus of Na­za­reth
  70. Let Earth with Hal­le­lu­jahs Ring
  71. Let the Mes­sage Go Forth
  72. Life Once Was a Mys­te­ry Aw­ful to Me
  73. Little While, A
  74. Living God, Who by His Might, The
  75. Look un­to Me
  76. Lord, Teach Us How to Pray
  77. Love That Gave Je­sus to Die, The
  78. Master Is Come and Is Call­ing for Thee, The
  79. Moment by Mo­ment
  80. More and More the Weight of Glo­ry
  81. Much of My Life, Lord, Seems to Me
  82. My Sav­ior Tells Me So
  83. Neither Do I Con­demn Thee
  84. Night Is Hea­vy, Long and Drea­ry, The
  85. No More
  86. Not My Own
  87. O Joy­ful Life, to Live for God
  88. O Pre­cious Hea­ven­ly Know­ledge
  89. O Sweet and Bless­ed Sec­ret
  90. O Ten­der Be­seech­ings of Je­sus
  91. O What Is Whit­er Than the Snow?
  92. Oft With­in a Lit­tle Cot­tage
  93. Oh, Re­vive Us by Thy Word
  94. Once More We Come, God’s Word to Hear
  95. One as Much as An­o­ther
  96. Our Hearts Are Filled with Joy To­day
  97. Over Fields That Are White for the Har­vest
  98. Paradise
  99. Pardon, Peace and Pow­er
  100. Praise, O Praise Je­ho­vah, Earth and Sea
  101. Preach the Gos­pel
  102. Redeemed by Christ Who Died for Me
  103. Redeemed
  104. Redemption Ground
  105. Ring Out the Word from Christ the Lord
  106. Sadly from the Field of Con­flict
  107. Saved to Serve
  108. Sin No More
  109. Spirit So Ho­ly, Spir­it of Love
  110. Stand Still, and Trust His Might
  111. Storm Is High, but at the Helm, The
  112. Stretch Forth Thy Hand, Thy Pal­sied Hand
  113. There Is Ne­ver a Soul So Sin­ful
  114. There Shall Be Show­ers of Bless­ing
  115. There’s a Beau­ti­ful World Above
  116. There’s a Land Where God His Love De­lights to Show
  117. They Tell Me the Story of Je­sus Is Old
  118. To Him Be Glo­ry For­ev­er­more
  119. Thou Re­main­est
  120. True Light Is Shin­ing, The
  121. Two Gates, Two Ways, Two Paths for All
  122. We Are Go­ing Home
  123. We Praise Thee and Bless Thee
  124. We’ll Ga­ther There in Glo­ry
  125. We’re Sol­diers of the King
  126. When Je­sus Comes Again (ar­rang­er)
  127. When My Heart with Sin Was Bur­dened
  128. Who Came Down from Heav­en to Earth
  129. Why Not Now?
  130. Ye Shall Know, O Word of Bless­ing