Bliss Home in Rome, Pennsylvania

Ju­ly 9, 1838, Clear­field Coun­ty, Penn­syl­van­ia.

De­cem­ber 29, 1876, Ash­ta­bu­la, Ohio. Bliss and his wife died in a train wreck caused by a bridge col­lapse. He sur­vived the in­i­tial im­pact, but went back in­to the flames in an un­suc­cess­ful at­tempt to res­cue his wife.

The re­mains re­trieved from the Ash­ta­bu­la dis­as­ter were placed in a com­mon grave marked by a cen­o­taph in the Ash­ta­bu­la Ce­me­te­ry. A ce­no­taph in mem­o­ry of the Bliss­es was erect­ed in the ce­me­te­ry at Rome, Penn­syl­van­ia, Ju­ly 17, 1877.

Chest­nut Grove Ce­me­te­ry, Ash­ta­bu­la, Ohio.


The night be­fore that ter­ri­ble rail­road ac­ci­dent at Ash­ta­bu­la…he said to his au­di­ence, I may not pass this way again; then he sang a so­lo, I’m Go­ing Home To­mor­row. This in­deed proved pro­phet­ic of his own home go­ing.

Crosby, Cha­pter XVII

Bliss’ works in­clude:

  1. And He Came to Beth­a­ny
  2. And Yet There Is Room
  3. Ascension, The
  4. Ask, Seek, Knock
  5. At the Feet of Je­sus
  6. Almost Per­suad­ed
  7. Beautiful Rain
  8. Beautiful Song of Love
  9. Beggar by the Way­side, The
  10. Bethesda
  11. Beyond the Cross
  12. Blessèd Are They That Do
  13. By and By
  14. Calling Now
  15. Come, Breth­ren, as We March Along
  16. Come, Come and See
  17. Come, Sing the Gos­pel’s Joy­ful Sound
  18. Cut It Down
  19. Dare to Be a Dan­i­el
  20. Do You See the He­brew Cap­tive Kneel­ing?
  21. Fear Not
  22. Follow Me
  23. Free from the Law
  24. God Is Al­ways Near Me
  25. Going Home
  26. Good Cheer
  27. Good Night Till Then
  28. Hail, Hap­py Morn­ing
  29. Half Was Ne­ver Told, The
  30. Hallelujah, He Is Ris­en!
  31. Hallelujah, ’Tis Done!
  32. Hallelujah! What a Sav­ior
  33. Have You on the Lord Be­lieved?
  34. He That Be­liev­eth
  35. He’s Gone
  36. Help
  37. Hold the Fort
  38. Holy Spir­it, The
  39. Hosanna, Ho­san­na
  40. How Goes the Bat­tle?
  41. How Hap­py Are We
  42. How Much Ow­est Thou?
  43. I Believe
  44. I Know He Is Mine
  45. I Must Abide with Thee
  46. I Should Like to Die
  47. I Know Not the Hour
  48. If Pa­pa Were On­ly Rea­dy
  49. I’m on the Lord’s Side
  50. In Me Ye May Have Peace
  51. Is It in Me?
  52. I’ve Passed the Cross
  53. Jerusalem So Fair
  54. Jesus Loves Ev­en Me
  55. Lead Thou Me
  56. Let the Low­er Lights Be Burn­ing
  57. Light of the World Is Je­sus, The
  58. Little Eyes, Look­ing Wise
  59. Look and Live
  60. Lord Je­sus, Come!
  61. Lord, Save Me
  62. Luxembourg
  63. Man the Life Boat
  64. March to the Bat­tle­field
  65. Meet Me at the Foun­tain
  66. Mourn, Pray, Praise
  67. My Grand­fa­ther’s Bi­ble
  68. My High Tow­er
  69. My Pray­er
  70. My Re­deem­er
  71. My Ref­uge
  72. My Sav­ior’s Charms
  73. Naught to Charg­es False
  74. Nearer to Me
  75. No Oth­er Name
  76. O! Je­ru­sa­lem, the Gold­en Ci­ty
  77. On What Foun­da­tion Do You Build?
  78. Once More with Mourn­ful Step
  79. Only a Lit­tle Child
  80. Only a Step to Hea­ven
  81. Only an Ar­mor Bear­er
  82. Only Be­lieve
  83. Over Yon­der
  84. Paisley
  85. Paul and Si­las
  86. Peter’s De­n­ial
  87. Praying Al­ways
  88. Press For­ward
  89. Pull for the Shore
  90. Repeat the Sto­ry O’er and O’er
  91. Remember the Poor
  92. Remembered
  93. Roll On, O Bil­low of Fire!
  94. Safe with the Mas­ter
  95. Sailing in­to Port
  96. Seeking to Save
  97. Sing, My Soul
  98. Song in Scrip­ture
  99. Soon and For­ev­er
  100. Spirit Di­vine
  101. Spirit, O Sin­ner, in Mer­cy Doth Move, The
  102. Spirit Tree, The
  103. Sword of the Lord, The
  104. Tell Me More About Je­sus
  105. There’s a Light in the Val­ley
  106. This Is the Vic­to­ry
  107. Though the Way May Some­times Be Drea­ry
  108. Three Moun­tains, The
  109. To De­part, Which Is Bet­ter?
  110. To Die Is Gain
  111. Turn to the Right
  112. Waiting at the Well
  113. Wandering Afar from the Dwell­ings of Men
  114. We Are March­ing On­ward
  115. Weary Glean­er, Whence Com­est Thou?
  116. Welcome, Sweet Sun­shine
  117. What Shall the Har­vest Be?
  118. What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?
  119. When Je­sus Comes
  120. When My Wea­ry Hands Are Fold­ed
  121. Where Are the Nine?
  122. Where Hast Thou Gleaned To­day?
  123. Where He Leads We Will Fol­low
  124. While the Sil­very Moon­beams Fall
  125. Who Will Re­ply?
  126. Whosoever Will
  127. Why Should I Wait?
  128. Why Un­be­liev­ing?
  129. Wise to Win
  130. Wishing, Hop­ing, Know­ing
  131. Wonderful Words of Life
  132. Wondrous Love
  133. Work for the Mas­ter
  134. Zaccheus
  1. Alcatraz
  2. Bliss
  3. Bury Thy Sor­row
  4. Cæsarea
  5. Can It Be Right?
  6. Chattanooga
  7. Come un­to Me
  8. Epaphroditus
  9. Estrellas
  10. Eternity
  11. Feast
  12. Harvest Is Pass­ing, The
  13. Ho, Ev­ery One That Thirst­eth
  14. Hold Fast Till I Come
  15. Irvine
  16. Ithaca
  17. Kenosis
  18. Kensal Green
  19. Lift Up, Lift Up Thy Voice
  20. Look Away to Je­sus
  21. Lord Je­sus, Come
  22. Luxembourg
  23. Mumbai
  24. Murray’s Chant
  25. O Crown of Re­joic­ing
  26. Oh, to Be No­thing
  27. Olympia
  28. Out of the Ark
  29. Pottsville
  30. Precious Pro­mise
  31. Rabat
  32. San Fer­mín
  33. Seadrift
  34. Sing and Pray!
  35. Thine, Je­sus Thine
  36. Tower
  37. Up with Thy Hands to Je­sus
  38. Ville du Havre
  39. Vilnius
  40. We’re Go­ing Home To­mor­row
  41. Waiting and Watch­ing for Me
  42. What Shall the Har­vest Be?
  43. White as Snow
  44. Who’s on the Lord’s Side?
  45. Yaoundé