Born: Ap­ril 18, 1823, Pom­pey Hol­low, On­on­da­ga Coun­ty, New York.

Died: 1915, Bing­ham­ton, New York.

Buried: Or­an Com­mu­ni­ty Church Ce­me­te­ry, Pom­pey, New York.


Harriet was the daugh­ter of El­e­a­zer Rice and Han­nah Good­rich, and wife of Ze­nas Alon­zo Jones (mar­ried Ju­ly 7, 1844).

She lived in On­on­da­ga Coun­ty, New York. She spent her girl­hood on a farm, re­ceiv­ing what edu­ca­tion the coun­try schools and one term at high school could pro­vide. She was al­ways fond of read­ing, and was a great sing­er, with a clear, ring­ing voice.

Her song writ­ing ca­reer be­gan when her po­et­ry came to the at­ten­tion of Mer­ritt Mun­ger, who asked if she could write some Sun­day school hymns for him.

She went on to write for Da­ni­el Town­er, J. C. Ew­ing, the Fill­more bro­thers, and oth­ers.



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