Born: Feb­ru­a­ry 12, 1776, South­amp­ton, Eng­land.

Died: No­vem­ber 2, 1848, Bal­ly­mo­ney, Coun­ty An­trim, Ire­land.

Buried: St. James’ church­yard, Hills­bo­rough, Coun­ty Down, Ire­land.


Mant was ed­u­cat­ed at Win­ches­ter and Tri­ni­ty, Ox­ford (BA 1797, MA 1799). At Ox­ford, he won the Chan­cel­lor’s prize for an Eng­lish es­say. He was a Fel­low of Or­i­el Col­lege, and for some time Col­lege Tu­tor.

After tak­ing Holy Or­ders, he was suc­cess­ive­ly cur­ate to his fa­ther, then of one or two oth­er plac­es; vi­car of Cog­ges­hall, Es­sex (1810); Do­me­stic Chap­lain to the Arch­bi­shop of Can­ter­bu­ry (1813); rector of St. Bo­tolph, Bi­shops­gate, Lon­don (1816), and East Hors­ley (1818); bi­shop of Kil­la­loe (1820); of Down and Con­nor (1823); and of Dro­more (1842). He was al­so Bamp­ton Lec­tur­er in 1811.

Mant is known chief­ly through his trans­la­tions from La­tin. John El­ler­ton, in his Notes on Church Hymns, 1881, said:

Mant had lit­tle know­ledge of hymns, and mere­ly took those of the ex­ist­ing Ro­man Bre­vi­a­ry as he found them; con­se­quent­ly he had to omit ma­ny, and so to al­ter oth­ers that they have in fact be­come dif­fer­ent hymns; nor was he al­ways hap­py in his ma­ni­pu­la­tion of them. But his book has much good taste and de­vout feel­ing, and has fall­en into un­de­served ne­glect.

Mant’s oth­er works in­clude:

  1. Before Thy Mer­cy’s Throne
  2. Blessed Be the Lord Most High
  3. Bright the Vi­sion That De­light­ed
  4. Father of All, from Whom We Trace
  5. For These Who First Pro­claimed Thy Word
  6. For All Thy Saints
  7. From Day­spring’s Faint­est East­ern Goal
  8. God My King, Thy Might Confess­ing
  9. Hark! Heard Ye Not the An­cient Seer?
  10. Lo! He Comes, an In­fant Strang­er
  11. Lo, the Day the Lord Hath Made
  12. Lord, Thy Glo­ry Fills the Hea­ven
  13. Lord, to Thee I Make My Vows
  14. My Trust Is in the High­est Name
  15. No! When He Bids Me Seek His Face
  16. Oft as in God’s Own House We Sit
  17. Put Off Thy Shoes, ’Tis Ho­ly Ground
  18. Reign, Je­ho­vah, King Su­preme
  19. O Sav­ior, Aw­ful Was the Word
  20. Savior of Men, Our Hope and Rest
  21. Savior, Who Ex­alt­ed High
  22. There Is a Dwell­ing Place Above
  23. Thy House Each Day of Hal­lowed Rest
  24. Thy List­en­ing Ear, O Lord, In­cline
  25. To God My Ear­nest Voice I Raise
  26. To Je­ho­vah Hymn the Lay
  27. We Bless Thee for Thy Church, O Lord
  28. We Deem and Own It, Lord, a Proof
  1. Come Ho­ly Ghost, Cre­at­or Blest
  2. Eternal King of Heav’n on High
  3. First of Ci­ties, Beth­le­hem
  4. Him Whom the Skies, the Earth, the Sea
  5. Let the Round World with Songs Re­joice
  6. Morning Spreads Her Crim­son Rays
  7. Now at the Lamb’s Im­per­i­al Feast
  8. Savior of Men, Our Joy Su­preme
  9. See the Dest­ined Day Arise
  10. Thou, Whom Their Mak­er Heav’n and Earth
  11. Why, Her­od, Why the God­head Fear?
  12. Ye Who Mes­si­ah Seek