Scripture Verse

It shall be one day. Zechariah 14:7


Words: J. Glenn Gould & A. F. I. (Arthur Forest Ingler?), 1914.

If you know A.F.I’s full name, or where to get a good pho­to of him or Gould, would you ?

Music: J. Glenn Gould (🔊 pdf nwc).


Some day when all of life’s sadness is over,
And we shall stand on that beautiful shore;
When all our heartaches are ended forever,
Dwelling with Christ evermore.


We’ll tell the wonderful story,
There with the King in His glory;
Jesus a mansion will give us,
In that bright home over there;
Angels we’ll tell of salvation,
Wonderful gift to the nations;
We’ll be the blest of creation,
Reigning with Christ over there.

Oh, praise the Lord for the gift of the Savior!
Favor divine to the children of men;
But all the joys of our life here with Jesus
Burst into ecstasies then.


Free from all sorrow, all care and all sighing,
Free from the pain that we can’t understand;
In that bright city there’s nothing but gladness,
Oh, let me fly to that land!


Some day the king will return in His beauty;
Some day our loved ones will greet us again;
Some day we’ll join in the songs of the angels,
That will be glorious then.