July 29, 1866, Franklin, Kentucky.

February 29, 1960, Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

St. Thomas Whitemarsh Episcopal Church Cemetery, Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania.


Chisholm was educated in a small country school, and became its teacher at age 16. At age 21, he became associate editor of the weekly newspaper, The Franklin Favorite. In 1893, he became a Christian under the ministry of Dr. Henry Clay Morrison (future president of Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky).

Chisholm moved to Louisville at the persuasion of Morrison and became editor of the Pentecostal Herald. He was ordained a Methodist minister in 1903 and served a brief pastorate at Scottsville, Kentucky. In poor health, he moved his family to a farm near Winona Lake, Indiana. He became an insurance salesman, moving to Vineland, New Jersey, in 1916.

Chisholm retired in 1953 to the Methodist Home for the Aged in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. He wrote over 1200 poems during his lifetime, of which 800 were published, and many set to music.

  1. After a While We Shall Finish the Journey
  2. All My Sins, Which Were Many
  3. All Things Through Christ
  4. All Things Work Together for Good
  5. As I Journey on Along Life’s Changeful Way
  6. Awake, Thou That Sleepest
  7. Be with Me, Lord
  8. Be Ye Kind One to Another
  9. Be Ye Therefore Ready
  10. Bear Thy Brother’s Burden
  11. Beautiful Golden Land
  12. Bless the Lord, O My Soul
  13. Blessed Be His Name Forever
  14. Bring Back the Lost to God
  15. Bring Christ Your Broken Life
  16. By Grace Are Ye Saved
  17. Call to the Colors, A
  18. Can I Forget?
  19. Cause Thy Face to Shine Once More
  20. Christ Is Risen from the Dead
  21. Come Back Home
  22. Come Ye Apart
  23. Committed
  24. Do It for the Master
  25. Do You Love Him?
  26. Do Thy Prayers to God Seem Unavailing?
  27. Dreaming, Still Dreaming
  28. Everlasting Arms, The
  29. Eyes of God Are on You, The
  30. Fainting Pilgrim, Worn and Weary
  31. Father, Thy Way Was Right
  32. Fighting Life’s Battles Unaided
  33. Fighting the Battles of Life Alone
  34. Go, Tell It to Jesus
  35. God Give Thee Eyes to See
  36. God Helping Me, I Will
  37. God Is Watching over Me
  38. God’s Will for Me
  39. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  40. Had It Not Been for the Lord
  41. Harmony Divine, The
  42. Hast Thou Made Peace with God?
  43. He Bore the Cross
  44. He Gave Himself
  45. He Is Able
  46. He Is My Portion Forever
  47. He Knoweth the Way That I Take
  48. He Promised Me
  49. He Reigns as King
  50. He Supplieth All of My Need
  51. He Will Never Change
  52. He Thinks of Me
  53. He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions
  54. He Who Follows Jesus
  55. His Eye Will Guide
  56. His Garment’s Hem
  57. He Is with Me
  58. His Grace Abounded More
  59. His Grace Is for Me All Sufficient
  60. His Love Is Wonderful
  61. His Love Will Follow Me Always
  62. His Loving Call
  63. His Wondrous Gifts to Me
  64. Hold Me Closer to Thee
  65. Home Up There, The
  66. Hope Thou in God
  67. House Not Made with Hands, A
  68. How Dreary ’Twould Be Without Jesus
  69. How Long, O Lord, Shall Evil Triumph?
  70. How Much Greater Is His Love!
  71. I Am the Vine, Ye Are the Branches
  72. I Am Trusting, Fully Trusting
  73. I Belong to Him
  74. I Can Trust Him
  75. I Come to Thee
  76. I Have Constant Peace and Gladness
  77. I Know Not What of Pain or Grief
  78. I Love Him Best of All
  79. I Love the Lord, My Wounded Lord
  80. I Love Thee, Lord Jesus
  81. I Must Be True to Him
  82. I Must Go On
  83. I Need Not Die
  84. I Sat Alone at Evening
  85. I Shall Be Satisfied
  86. I Strove to Grasp the Thought of God
  87. I Thank Thee, Heavenly Father
  88. I Want to Be Like Jesus
  89. I Will Not Fear, My God Is True
  90. I Will Not Leave Thee
  91. If Christ Had Not Come
  92. I’m Weary, So Weary, of Living in Sin
  93. I’m Willing to Be Thine
  94. In Green Pastures
  95. In Perfect Peace I Read the Promise O’er
  96. In the Thunder of the Ocean
  97. Is the Lord in Your Heart?
  98. Is Thy Soul Cast Down Within?
  99. It Is Jesus
  100. It Is Not Here Alone We Live
  101. It Will Come All Right
  102. Jesus Has You on His Heart
  103. Jesus, I Am Not Alone
  104. Jesus Is Always Near
  105. Jesus Is Calling You
  106. Jesus Is Praying for Me
  107. Jesus the Hope of the World
  108. Jesus Knows When Heavy Burdens
  109. Jesus Only
  110. Jesus Pleads for Me
  111. Jesus the Hope of the World
  112. Jesus Will Save and Keep
  113. Just a Little While
  114. Keep Me, Savior, Keep Me
  115. Kept by the Power of God
  116. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
  117. Let Us Be Joyful
  118. Let Us Rejoice in the Grace of God
  119. Let Us Return unto the Lord
  120. Listen While I Tell
  121. Living for Jesus
  122. Lord, I Know Not What to Do
  123. Lord Is Ready to Save You, The
  124. Lord Jesus, My Savior
  125. Lord of Hosts Is with Us Still, The
  126. Lord, Teach Us to Pray
  127. Love Found a Way
  128. Love Not the World
  129. Mercies of God, The
  130. Mine Is a Story of Infinite Love
  131. My Ever Faithful Friend
  132. My Father Knows It All
  133. My Redeemer
  134. My Sins Are Under the Blood
  135. My Soul Is Glad Today
  136. My Trusting Heart Rejoices
  137. My Wondrous Friend
  138. Never Lose Sight of the Cross
  139. New Creature, A
  140. Not One Word Has Failed
  141. Not Under Law, but Under Grace
  142. O Cross of Love
  143. O Grace That Did for All My Guilt Atone
  144. O Jesus, May Thy Dying Love
  145. O That My Life a Light May Shine
  146. O to Be Like Thee!
  147. O, Words of Love, and Joy, and Praise
  148. On the Other Side
  149. Once I Was Lost
  150. One Life to Live
  151. Only Believe
  152. Only in Thee
  153. Only Way, The
  154. Prepare to Meet Thy God
  155. Prodigal Son, The
  156. Redeemed and Saved
  157. Save Me, O Lord
  158. Sing the Sweet Story
  159. Sometimes There Comes a Longing
  160. Souls Are Coming Home
  161. Speed the Precious Message
  162. Still Small Voice, The
  163. Sunshine of His Smile, The
  164. There Is a Land Beyond Earth’s Changeful Skies
  165. There Is a Land Beyond Our Mortal Vision
  166. There Is a Land That Lieth Well Beyond
  167. There Is a Place of Refuge
  168. There Is but One Name
  169. There Is Forgiveness
  170. There’s a Theme That Never Will Grow Old
  171. Think of Jesus
  172. This Is Not Death
  173. This Man Receiveth Sinners
  174. Thy Perfect Will Be Done
  175. Thy Sins Be Forgiven Thee
  176. Thy Word Is Very Pure
  177. ’Tis Enough, Enough for Me
  178. To Be with Christ
  179. To See His Face
  180. To Whom Shall We Go?
  181. Today Is for Toil and Achievement
  182. Touch Not the Book My Father
  183. Troubled Soul and Tempest
  184. Trust in the Lord
  185. Wait on the Lord
  186. Was It for Me?
  187. Way That Seemeth Right, The
  188. We Are Soldiers in the War for the Cause of Christ
  189. We Have Sinned, O Lord, Against Thee
  190. We Know in Part
  191. We Shall Be Changed
  192. We Thank Thee, O God, for the Gifts
  193. What a Blessedness Is Mine
  194. What Account Will You Give?
  195. What Did It Mean?
  196. What Is Your Life?
  197. What Shall I Do When the Day Is Dark?
  198. What Will It Matter Then?
  199. What Would We Do Without Jesus?
  200. When Are You Coming Home?
  201. When the Way Is So Dark That No Light
  202. When Will You Cease from God to Stray?
  203. Where Are Thy Sins, Friend?
  204. Where Art Thou, Soul in Secret Hiding?
  205. Where Is Your Faith, My Brother?
  206. Which Will You Choose?
  207. While the Years Are Speeding On
  208. Whoso Offers Praise
  209. Will of the Lord Be Done, The
  210. Will Our Work Be Done?
  211. Will You Be Among His Jewels?
  212. Wilt Thou Let Him Go?
  213. Wondrous Name of Jesus, The
  214. Would You Be Saved?
  215. Ye Would Not
  216. Yet There Is Room
  217. Yonderland
  218. You Can Find Him
  219. You Must Do Something with Jesus
  220. Your Suffering Savior and Mine