March 2, 1811, St. Col­umb’s, Lon­don­der­ry, Ire­land.

Ap­ril 9, 1875, Guild­ford, Sur­rey, Eng­land.

Guild­ford Ce­me­tery, Guild­ford, Sur­rey, Eng­land.


John was the son of Tho­mas Bew­ley Mon­sell, arch­dea­con of Lon­don­der­ry, Ire­land.

He at­tend­ed Trin­i­ty Col­lege in Du­blin, and was or­dained in 1834.

In 1853, he was as­signed to a post in Eng­land. He was vi­car of Eg­ham, Sur­rey, un­til 1870, and rec­tor at St. Ni­cho­las’, Guild­ford, un­til 1875, when he was killed by a fall from the roof of the church while it was be­ing re­built.

His 11 vol­umes of po­et­ry en­com­pass al­most 300 hymns.

His works in­clude:

  1. Awake, Glad Soul
  2. Birds Have Their Qui­et Nests
  3. Blessed Hope, That We the Fall­en
  4. Blessed Lord, Who, Till the Morn­ing
  5. Bounteous Bless­er of the Seed Time
  6. Brightly Hope­ful for the Fu­ture
  7. Broken, Con­trite Heart Op­pressed, The
  8. Christ In­car­nate in His Poor
  9. Christ Is the Foun­da­tion
  10. Christ Is Ris­en! Hal­le­lu­jah!
  11. Church of God, with Eq­ual Pray­er, The
  12. Come and Deck the Grave with Flow­ers
  13. Dark and Dim the Day­light Rose
  14. Few Bright Lead­ers of Her Host, A
  15. Fight the Good Fight with All Thy Might
  16. Friend of the Friend­less and the Lone
  17. Glory Be to God on High!
  18. God Is Love, by Him Up­hold­en
  19. God of That Glo­ri­ous Gift of Grace
  20. Good Old Times, How Glo­ri­ous, The
  21. Happy, Hap­py, Christ­mas, A
  22. Heart in Heart, and Hand in Hand
  23. Holy Of­fer­ings, Rich and Rare
  24. Holy Spir­it, Long Ex­pect­ed
  25. Hours and Days and Months and Year
  26. I Have No Com­fort but Thy Love
  27. I Hun­ger and I Thirst
  28. I Knew Thee in the Land of Drought
  29. I Think of Thee, My God, by Night
  30. In Thee, My God, Will We Re­joice
  31. Jesus, Gen­tle Suf­fer­er, Say
  32. Jesus, My Lov­ing Lord! I Know
  33. Journey Done, the Rest Be­gun, The
  34. Laboring and Hea­vy La­den
  35. Last Sun­day of the Work-Day Year
  36. Lay the Pre­cious Bo­dy
  37. Light of the World, We Hail Thee
  38. Lord, De­pend­ent on Thy Pro­mise
  39. Lord of the Liv­ing Har­vest
  40. Lord, to Whom Ex­cept to Thee?
  41. Lord, What Re­cords of Thy Love
  42. Loved by God, the Fa­ther
  43. Members of Christ, Child­ren of God
  44. Mercy, Mer­cy, God the Fa­ther
  45. Mighty Fa­ther, Bless­èd Son
  46. My God, What Won­drous Love Was Thine
  47. My Head Is Low, My Heart Is Sad
  48. My Sins Have Tak­en Such a Hold on Me
  49. My Sins, My Sins, My Sav­ior
  50. O for a Heart More Fer­vent
  51. O for the Time When on the World
  52. O God, Most Migh­ty, Lis­ten Now
  53. O Ho­ly Sab­bath Day
  54. O Love Di­vine and Gold­en
  55. O Wor­ship the Lord in the Beau­ty of Ho­li­ness
  56. O’er the Dist­ant Moun­tains Break­ing
  57. Oft Doth the Chris­tian’s Heart In­quire
  58. On Our Way Re­joic­ing
  59. One Les­son More the Church Must Learn
  60. Other Name Than Our Dear Lord’s
  61. Pity on Us, Hea­ven­ly Fa­ther
  62. Praise the Lord, Re­joice, Ye Gen­tiles
  63. Proudly in His Hall of Judg­ment
  64. Rest of the Wea­ry
  65. Shadow of a Migh­ty Rock
  66. Simple Trust That Can Con­fide, The
  67. Sing, O Hea­vens! O Earth, Re­joice!
  68. Sinful, Sigh­ing to be Blest
  69. Sing to the Lord a Joy­ful Song
  70. Sing to the Lord of Har­vest
  71. So Teach Me Lord, to Num­ber
  72. Soon and for Ev­er
  73. Springtide Hour Brings Leaf and Flow­er, The
  74. Sweet Is the Gen­tle Voice of Spring
  75. Sweet Is Thy Mer­cy, Lord
  76. Teach Me to Do the Thing That Pleas­eth Thee
  77. This Day the Lord Is Ris­en
  78. Thou Art Near, Yes, Lord, I Feel It
  79. Though Thou Slay Me, I Will Trust
  80. To Christ the Lord!
  81. To Thee, O Dear, Dear Sav­ior!
  82. We Ask for Life, and Mean There­by
  83. Weary and Sad, a Wan­der­er from Thee
  84. When Cold Our Hearts
  85. When I Had Wan­dered from His Fold
  86. Why Rest­less, Why So Wea­ry?
  87. World May in Its Wealth De­light, The
  88. Wouldst Thou Learn the Depths of Sin?
  89. Yes, I Do Feel, My God, That I Am Thine
  1. Monsell

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