Ap­ril 21, 1856, near Med­ford, New Jer­sey.

Sep­tem­ber 25, 1922, Nor­man, Ok­la­ho­ma.

Ev­er­green Ce­me­te­ry, Lumb­er­ton, New Jer­sey.

John­son was the son of John­son Oat­man and Ra­chel Ann Cline, and hus­band of Wil­hel­mi­na R. Reid of Lum­ber­ton, New Jer­sey (mar­ried Ju­ly 21, 1878).

He at­tend­ed Her­bert’s Acad­e­my in Vin­cen­town, New Jer­sey, and the New Jer­sey Col­le­gi­ate In­sti­tute in Bor­den­town.

He was or­dained a Me­thod­ist Epis­co­pal min­is­ter at age 19, but his pas­tor­al work was con­fined to lo­cal church­es, as he worked full time in the re­tail and in­sur­ance in­dus­tries. He wrote lyr­ics for 5,000 Gos­pel songs.

  1. Across the Blue
  2. According to the Bi­ble Plans
  3. After You Reach Home, Look for Me
  4. All Night Long the Fish­ers Sought
  5. All the Mys­ter­ies of Earth
  6. All the Way from Hea­ven
  7. All the Way My Lov­ing Sav­ior Leads Me
  8. All the Way My Sav­ior Lead­eth Me
  9. All the Way That I Must Go
  10. All Who Would Win the Crown of Life
  11. Alone with God
  12. Along the Way of Life I Find
  13. Although Back in­to His Hea­ven Je­sus Passed
  14. Although by Sin I Was De­filed
  15. Although I’m Ve­ry Weak and Small
  16. Although to My Heart I Hold Ma­ny Things Dear
  17. Anchored
  18. Angels, Get My Man­sion Rea­dy
  19. Angels’ Harps Are Ring­ing
  20. Angels in Glo­ry Stand
  21. Angels Now Your Vi­gils Keep­ing
  22. Angels We Have Heard on High
  23. Angels, Get My Man­sion Rea­dy
  24. Are We Bowed To­day in Sor­row?
  25. Are You Co­vered Ov­er with Lep­ro­sy of Sin?
  26. Are You for the Pen­te­cost Pray­ing?
  27. Are You Like the Trou­bled Sea?
  28. As Down the Stream of Time I Glide
  29. As I’m Walk­ing Ev­ery Day
  30. As I Have Been Helped by the Sav­ior
  31. As I Jour­ney Down Life’s Way
  32. As I Press My Way to Glo­ry
  33. As Je­ho­vah Led the He­brews
  34. As Oft Be­fore in Days of Yore
  35. As Out in the High­ways and By­ways I Go
  36. As the Life Boat May Go to the Sink­ing Bark
  37. As Thou Once the Host Pre­ced­ed
  38. As up­on Some Great Ri­ver
  39. As We Jour­ney Down Life’s Path­way
  40. As We Meet To­ge­ther on the Sab­bath Day
  41. As We Part To­day in Sad­ness
  42. As You Tra­vel Down Life’s Way
  43. As You Walk in the High­way of Je­sus Your King
  44. As, in Weak­ness, You Are Press­ing
  45. At Ev­en­ing Time I Oft­en Gaze
  46. At My Re­deem­er’s Feet
  47. At the Door of Your Heart To­night I Stand
  48. At the Great Res­ur­rect­ion
  49. At the Sun­set I Am Stand­ing
  50. At Your Feet Ev­ery Mo­ment, My Bro­ther
  51. Awake the Cry of Bat­tle
  52. Awake, Awake a Joy­ful Strain
  53. Away Be­yond the Sha­dows of This Vale of Night
  54. Away, Far Away Past the Sha­dows of Night
  55. Banners Wav­ing o’er Us
  56. Be a Bless­ing
  57. Be Still, and Know That I Am God
  58. Beautiful, Beau­ti­ful Hills, The
  59. Because of His Good­ness
  60. Because We Did God’s Will De­fy
  61. Before I Came to Je­sus My Heart Was Full of Sin
  62. Behold the Lord Hath Pro­claimed It
  63. Better Far Than Any Plea­sure
  64. Beyond the Stars Our Loved Ones Wait
  65. Beyond the Tide Dear Friends Have Gone
  66. Beyond Us Lies a Fair­er Shore
  67. Blessed Sav­ior, Ev­er Guide Me
  68. Blood up­on the Door, The
  69. Bloodstained Ban­ner of the Cross, The
  70. Break Forth in­to Song
  71. Bright An­gels, Tell My Mo­ther
  72. Bright Con­stel­la­tion Il­lum­ines the Sky, A
  73. Brighter the Road Ap­pears, The
  74. Brother, as We See Thee Sleep­ing
  75. Brother, Sis­ter, Be Not Sad
  76. Buds and Flow­ers to Life Are Waking, The
  77. Building on a Rock
  78. Chariot Wheels of God Drive Hard, The
  79. Christ Is Com­ing Back Again
  80. Christ Is with Me
  81. Christ Je­sus Is King of Kings
  82. Christ Je­sus Is the Life, the Way
  83. Christ Je­sus Who Died
  84. Christ Lived and Suf­fered Here Be­low
  85. Christ the Lord Hath Need of Work
  86. Christian Soul, Be Not Afraid
  87. Clearly the Light Is Dawn­ing
  88. Close to the Un­seen World We Stand
  89. Closer, Dear Je­sus, to Thee
  90. Come, All Ye Sons and Daugh­ters
  91. Come and See the Bless­ed Je­sus
  92. Come, Sin­ner, to the Sav­ior
  93. Come to Je­sus, Sin Sick Soul
  94. Come to the Sav­ior, Seek Now His Fa­vor
  95. Come Up to Be Crowned
  96. Come, Bro­ther, Let Us Hear You Tell
  97. Come, Soul, and Find Thy Rest
  98. Count Your Bless­ings
  99. Cross Must Come Be­fore the Crown, The
  100. Cross, My Hope For­ev­er, The
  101. Crossing One by One
  102. Darkened Sun Was Sink­ing Low, The
  103. Dear Bro­ther, if You Would Reach Hea­ven
  104. Dear Friends, When I Am Called to Go
  105. Dear Lord, While on Thy Foot­stool
  106. Dear Sav­ior, I’m Walk­ing Too Far from Thy Side
  107. Dear Sav­ior, My Soul Is Pant­ing for Thee
  108. Dear Sav­ior, the Child­ren Are Com­ing to Thee
  109. Dear Sav­ior, Whole I’m Plead­ing
  110. Dear Sin­ner, Draw Near to the Sav­ior To­night
  111. Dear Soul Away from Home and God
  112. Deeper Yet
  113. Dismal Spe­cter, Dark and Tall, A
  114. Do Your Best
  115. Do Your Best and Leave the Rest
  116. Does the Way Seem Wea­ry?
  117. Don’t Go Half-way with Je­sus
  118. Don’t You Know He Cares?
  119. Down Through the Val­ley
  120. Drinking from the Liv­ing Spring
  121. Each Day and Hour I’ll Have to Fight
  122. Each Day I Fol­low Christ My Lord
  123. Each Hour I Tread the Pil­grim’s Way
  124. Each Time I Read the Bi­ble
  125. Earth Has Her Ties, but Soon, Alas
  126. Earth Shall Pass Away Some Day, The
  127. Ere Je­sus Had De­part­ed
  128. Eternity at Last
  129. Everlasting Love
  130. Every Bridge Is Burned Be­hind Me
  131. Every Dark Cloud Has Its Lin­ing
  132. Every Day, Ev­ery Day, Je­sus
  133. Every Step of the Way
  134. Every Word I Be­lieve
  135. Fair as the Sun­light
  136. Fairer Than Day
  137. Far Away in the Hea­vens Above Me
  138. Far Be­yond All the Reach­es of Our Vi­sion Here
  139. Far Be­yond God’s Bea­cons
  140. Far, Far Above These Scenes of Night
  141. Father Is Wait­ing, The
  142. Father on His Throne Above, The
  143. Father Spoke to the Eld­est Son, The
  144. Father, at Thy Feet I’m Fall­ing
  145. Fear Not, Lit­tle Flock, Said the Mas­ter
  146. Feast Is Pre­pared, The
  147. Few More Days for You and Me, A
  148. Few More Days on Earth to Roam, A
  149. Few More Days, a Few More Tears, A
  150. Few More Steps up­on the Road, A
  151. Few More Tears of Grief, A
  152. Fiercely the Storm on Life’s Ocean Is Rag­ing
  153. Filled with Love from Above
  154. Finest of the Wheat, The
  155. Fire and the Ho­ly Ghost
  156. Fire Is Burn­ing, The
  157. Follow, Fol­low Je­sus All the Way
  158. For a Hund­red Years or More
  159. For a Long Time I Wait­ed on the Lord in Pray­er
  160. For Ma­ny Years the Ag­ed Saints
  161. For My Dear Boy, I Am Pray­ing
  162. For Per­fect Heart Cleans­ing
  163. From My Lord I’ll Wan­der Ne­ver
  164. From Us Thou Hast Been Called Away
  165. Fully Saved
  166. Gently Lead Me, Lest I Stray
  167. Go Tell the News That Je­sus Died
  168. Go Work for Je­sus Day by Day
  169. Go Work To­day in My Vine­yard
  170. God Gave His Own Son
  171. God Has Hon­ey in the Rock
  172. God Has Lift­ed the Cur­tain
  173. God Has Opened All the Gates
  174. God Is Watch­ing o’er Me
  175. God Sends His Ho­ly An­gels
  176. God So Loved the World
  177. God Wants You to Her­ald the Sto­ry
  178. God, in His Grace, Showed Me a Place
  179. God’s An­gels En­camp­eth Around
  180. God’s Child­ren Have the Best of Care
  181. God’s Great Love So Deep and Bound­less
  182. God’s Store­house in Hea­ven Is
  183. God’s Three Hun­dred
  184. God’s Ves­sels from the Oth­er Side
  185. God’s Word Com­mands
  186. God’s Word Has a Great De­clar­a­tion
  187. Good Old-Fa­shioned Way, The
  188. Good Old Gos­pel Ship, The
  189. Good-Bye
  190. Goodbye Son, Said a Dar­ling Old Mo­ther
  191. Gospel Train, The
  192. Great Phy­si­cians Came to Me, The
  193. Great Teach­er of Men Knows, The
  194. Guide Me, Sav­ior, with Thine Eye
  195. Hallelujah Side, The
  196. Hand in Hand with Je­sus
  197. Hand That Is Migh­ty E’er Leads Me Along, A
  198. Happy in Je­sus Ev­ery­where I Go
  199. Happy in the Love of Je­sus
  200. Happy Up There
  201. Hark the Bu­gle Sound­ing
  202. Hark, the Sound of Bat­tle Rag­ing
  203. Having Found Thy Rest in Je­sus
  204. He Hath Set His Love up­on Me
  205. He In­clud­ed Me
  206. He Is Com­ing By and By
  207. He Is Com­ing Soon
  208. He Is with Me, O, How Pre­cious
  209. He Ne­ver Has Left Me Alone
  210. He Sought Me on the Moun­tain
  211. Hear Him Knock­ing
  212. Hear the Sav­ior Call­ing
  213. Hear Us While We Pray
  214. Hear Ye the Mes­sage Je­sus Sends To­day
  215. Hearken All Ye Faith­ful Few
  216. Heaven Is Just as Near
  217. He’ll Come Again
  218. He’ll Come for Me
  219. Here Am I, Send Me
  220. Here We Have Our Sor­row, Here Trou­bles
  221. Here We Have Our Sor­rows
  222. He’s Our Friend
  223. Higher Ground
  224. His Blood Is Drop­ping Down
  225. Holiness un­to the Lord
  226. Holy, Ho­ly, Is What the An­gels Sing
  227. Holy Spir­it from Above
  228. Holy Spir­it, Be My Guide
  229. Home of My Child­hood, The
  230. Homecoming Time, The
  231. Honey from the Rock
  232. How Hap­py We’d Be Could We but Un­der­stand
  233. How Ma­ny Dear Friends Have Passed On
  234. How Oft as You Jour­ney, Some Bro­ther You Meet
  235. How Oft­en I Cry When I Think of His Grace
  236. How Oft­en We Turn from Earth’s Plea­sures
  237. How Sweet ’Twill Be to Meet Our Friends
  238. How Sweet the Bless­ed Sab­bath Day
  239. How Sweet to Look Back on the Years
  240. How We Love to Sing of Hea­ven
  241. Humble Thy­self to Walk
  242. I’ll Hear the Songs the An­gels Sing
  243. I’ll Trust in My Sav­ior For­ev­er
  244. I’ll Walk with Thee Adown Life’s Wea­ry Road
  245. I’m as Hap­py as Can Be
  246. I’m but a Tra­vel­er This Way
  247. I’m Glad I Ev­er Start­ed
  248. How the Fire Fell
  249. I Will Fol­low Thee
  250. I Will Trade the Old Cross for a Crown
  251. I Am a Pil­grim to a Land
  252. I Am Bound for That Ci­ty
  253. I Am Cru­ci­fied with Christ
  254. I Am Hap­py Now as the Days Go By
  255. I Am Hap­py on the Way
  256. I Am Not Wor­thy of the Love
  257. I Am on My Way to a Home on High
  258. I Am on My Way to Glo­ry
  259. I Am on the Race Course
  260. I Am Press­ing To­ward a Ci­ty
  261. I Am Sa­tis­fied, What­ev­er May Come
  262. I Am Sing­ing and I’m Shout­ing
  263. I Am the Lord’s, in Love He Has Sought Me
  264. I Am the Way, the Sav­ior Hath Spok­en
  265. I Am Think­ing of My Dear Old Mo­ther
  266. I Am Try­ing Ev­ery Mo­ment
  267. I Am Walk­ing with My Lord
  268. I Am Walk­ing with My Sav­ior
  269. I Ask Not for the High­est Place
  270. I Came to Je­sus Sick and Poor
  271. I Came to Je­sus with My Sin
  272. I Can See Life’s Sun De­clin­ing
  273. I Do Not Ask Thee, Lord, for Pow­er
  274. I Ex­pect to Get to Hea­ven
  275. I Fear No Foe as on My Path I Go
  276. I Found It at the Cross
  277. I Have a Friend in Courts Above
  278. I Have Found a Friend In­deed, Who Sup­plies
  279. I Have Found a Friend Who Has Saved My Soul
  280. I Have Found Pre­cious Rest
  281. I Have Found Sweet Peace
  282. I Have Great Joy With­in My Soul
  283. I Have Heard of a Land Called the Home
  284. I Have Joined the Blood Washed Ar­my
  285. I Have Joys in My Soul
  286. I Have Left All to Fol­low
  287. I Have Left Old Egypt
  288. I Have Made a Re­so­lu­tion
  289. I Have Read of a Beau­ti­ful Ci­ty
  290. I Have Set My Face To­ward the Land of Ca­naan
  291. I Have Some­thing to Im­part
  292. I Have Sought for Sa­tis­fac­tion
  293. I Hope to Meet You There Some Day
  294. I Know He’s Mine
  295. I Longed to Reach Hea­ven
  296. I Love to Read of Christ My Lord
  297. I Love to Walk and Talk with Him
  298. I May Have All My Share of the Bur­dens
  299. I May Not Know Where Thou
  300. I Ne­ver Can For­get the Time
  301. I Once Was Poor and Lost in Sin
  302. I See My Sav­ior Hang­ing
  303. I See No Per­son Sit­ting There
  304. I Shall Know Him by the Nail Prints
  305. I Shall Reach My Home in Glo­ry
  306. I Shall See My Sav­ior’s Face
  307. I Shall Wear a Gold­en Crown
  308. I Think When I’m Gaz­ing at Ev­en­ing
  309. I Want to Be Faith­ful to Je­sus
  310. I Want to Go Home When I Die
  311. I Was Far Away in the Paths of Sin
  312. I Will Do My Best for Je­sus While I Live
  313. I Will Sing Re­demp­tion’s Sto­ry
  314. I Won­der if Some Mo­ther’s Boy
  315. If by Some Tem­pest Your Sail Has Been Driv­en
  316. If Days Are Full of Trou­ble
  317. If Earth­ly Friends Should Fail You
  318. If for Help Some One Is Cry­ing
  319. If Hea­vy the Load, and Lone­ly the Way
  320. If I Should Die To­night
  321. If I Stand on the Pro­mis­es of God
  322. If Now in Sor­row Weep­ing
  323. If o’er Thy Way Dark Clouds Are Cast
  324. If on His Pro­mise Thy Hopes Depend
  325. If Our Sing­ing Is So Sweet
  326. If Our Spir­its, Meek­ness
  327. If To­day Were the End of the World
  328. If Waves of Af­flic­tion Should
  329. If We Fol­low Christ to the Pro­mised Land
  330. If Wea­ry with Toil­ing
  331. If You’re Count­ing Those Who Are Saved
  332. If You’ve En­list­ed in the War
  333. If You Ask Me Where I Abide
  334. If You Ask Me Why I’m Hap­py
  335. If You Ex­pect to Reach That Home
  336. If You Have Been Pray­ing for Bless­ings
  337. If You Have Start­ed for Yon­der Bright Ci­ty
  338. If You Need a Friend
  339. If You Would Be a Bless­ing
  340. If You Would Have Him in Your Heart
  341. If You Would Walk the Streets
  342. I’ll Be a Friend to Je­sus
  343. I’m Go­ing Home at Last
  344. I’m Go­ing Home, How Sweet the Thought
  345. I’m Hap­py Now from Day to Day
  346. I’m Hap­py Since I Found the Lord
  347. I’m Home­sick for Hea­ven To­night
  348. I’m Glad That Je­sus Came
  349. I’m on My Way to Hea­ven
  350. I’m On­ly on a Vi­sit Here
  351. I’m Prais­ing My Sav­ior with Rap­ture
  352. I’m Press­ing On
  353. I’m Safe if the An­gel of Death Comes To­night
  354. I’m Saved by the Blood
  355. In All This Wide, Wide World Around
  356. In God’s Home Is a Book
  357. In Hea­ven the Skies Are Al­ways Bright
  358. In Hea­ven There’s Re­joic­ing
  359. In My Dreams an An­gel from Glo­ry
  360. In My Heart the Bells Are Ring­ing
  361. In My Heart There’s a Song Like the Ri­ver
  362. In Ser­vice I Find Rich Re­ward
  363. In That Fair Ci­ty, Ov­er Life’s Sea
  364. In That Fair King­dom Out of Sight
  365. In the Chris­tian Path of Duty
  366. In the Drea­ry Path­way
  367. In the Fight Against Sin
  368. In the Gos­pel War We’ll Ne­ver Fear
  369. In the Name of the Lord I Have Wield­ed My Pen
  370. In the Path I Tra­vel
  371. In the Roy­al House of Da­vid
  372. In the Sha­dow of the Cross
  373. In the Soul’s Eter­nal King­dom
  374. In the Spa­cious Halls of Hea­ven
  375. In This World I’ve Had My Trou­bles
  376. In This World of Sin and Care
  377. In This World of Sin and Woe
  378. In Yon­der Ci­ty of Life and of Love
  379. In Yon­der Ci­ty, Cloud­less and Fair
  380. Is Your Cup of Bless­ing Now
  381. It Was Love That Brought My Sav­ior to the Man­ger
  382. It Will Mat­ter but Lit­tle at Last
  383. It’s Fill­ing Me
  384. I’ve a Guide and a Com­pan­ion
  385. I’ve a Spe­cial In­vi­ta­tion from the New Je­ru­sa­lem
  386. I’ve Been on Mount Pis­gah’s Loft­y Height
  387. I’ve Giv­en All to Je­sus
  388. I’ve Reached the Port of Peace
  389. I’ve Some­thing That I Love to Tell
  390. I’ve Start­ed on My Jour­ney
  391. Jesus Can Help You, and Will
  392. Jesus Died for You and Me
  393. Jesus Died on Cal­va­ry
  394. Jesus Has Pre­pared a Home
  395. Jesus Let Me Shine for Thee
  396. Jesus, My Sav­ior
  397. Jesus Ne­ver Leaves the Ship
  398. Jesus Took My Bur­den
  399. Jesus Wept
  400. Jesus Will Keep Ev­ery Pro­mise
  401. John Said of Christ
  402. Joy Is Beam­ing in My Soul
  403. Joy to Me This Thought Has Giv­en
  404. Joyfully, Joy­ful­ly Praise the Name of the Lord
  405. Judgment Day, The
  406. Judgment Day Will Soon Be Here, The
  407. Just a Lit­tle While to Tar­ry
  408. Just as God Who Reigns on High
  409. Just as the Sculpt­or, from His Block of Stone
  410. Just Why the Lord Hath Led
  411. King of Kings and Lord of Lords
  412. Last Mile of the Way, The
  413. Learning Ev­ery Day, Words of Truth and Grace
  414. Lend a Hand
  415. Let Me Get Near­er the Cross
  416. Let Not Your Heart Be Trou­bled
  417. Let Oth­ers Choose Plea­sures of Sin
  418. Let Sin and Sa­tan Trem­ble
  419. Let the Gos­pel Light Shine Out
  420. Let the Way Be Dark, Let the Way Be Light
  421. Lift Him Up
  422. Lift Your Eyes, the Day Is Break­ing
  423. Lift Your Eyes, Ye Pil­grims
  424. Light on the Hill­tops
  425. Like a Shep­herd
  426. Like as a Bird at Ev­en­ing
  427. Like the Sun­shine Break­ing Through the Clouds
  428. List to the Mes­sage from Hea­ven Above
  429. List, Ye Wea­ry Pil­grims
  430. Look Up Bro­ther, Lift Your Head
  431. Look Up Look Up My Bro­ther
  432. Looking Past the Stars at Night
  433. Lord Came Down to Die for Me, The
  434. Lord Came Down to the Garden of Ed­en, The
  435. Lord Hath Called un­to Thy Soul, The
  436. Lord, Hear Us To­day, O Turn Not Away
  437. Lord, Help Us Now to Fight
  438. Lord Knows Why, The
  439. Lord Sends Me Bless­ings, The
  440. Loudly, Loud­ly, East­er Bells Are Ring­ing
  441. Love of Je­sus, So Full and Free
  442. Love That Pass­eth Un­der­stand­ing
  443. Loved One, Fare­well
  444. Make Me, Sav­ior, O, I Pray, More Like Thee
  445. Make Me­lo­dy for Je­sus
  446. Make the Lord a Full Con­fess­ion
  447. Many Friends Who Once Walked
  448. Many Long Years I Sailed o’er Life’s Ocean
  449. Many Long Years I Wan­dered
  450. Many Times for Rest We Sigh
  451. Many Wea­ry Miles I’ve Wan­dered
  452. Message Down the Ag­es Rings, The
  453. Methinks That at the Ev­en­ing
  454. Millions Now Liv­ing Are Blind­ed by Sin
  455. More Old­time Sal­va­tion
  456. Move Along
  457. Move On, Move On
  458. My Gaze Is Fixed on Je­sus
  459. My Heart Is Still Sing­ing
  460. My Home in Hea­ven
  461. My Home Is on the Rock
  462. My Je­sus Leads Me in the Way
  463. My Life Is Full of Sun­shine
  464. My Lov­ing Je­sus Knows It All
  465. My Sav­ior Bought My Par­don up­on the Cruel Tree
  466. My Sav­ior Has a Home
  467. My Sav­ior Has Pro­mised to Give Me a Home
  468. My Sav­ior Is with Me Each Step of Life’s Way
  469. My Sav­ior Leads Me
  470. My Sav­ior Tra­veled All the Way
  471. My Soul Keeps Sing­ing All Day Long
  472. My Soul Was Once Con­demned to Die
  473. My Sweet Home
  474. Naaman, Go!
  475. Nearer Ev­ery Day
  476. Never Cease to Fight
  477. Never Give the Trum­pet
  478. Never Lose Sight of Je­sus
  479. Nevermore
  480. No Mat­ter How Far from the Fold
  481. No Mat­ter Where I May Be Called
  482. No More Like Some Poor Pro­di­gal
  483. No, Not One
  484. No One Else Cares Like Je­sus
  485. No Scenes of Mirth up­on the Earth
  486. No Ship Will Leave That Shore
  487. Not All Earth’s Gold and Sil­ver
  488. Not to the High and No­ble
  489. Now I’m Com­ing Home
  490. Now Is the Au­tumn Com­ing
  491. Now the Time Has Come to Part
  492. O’er the Ocean’s Foam Is a Land Ahead
  493. O’er the Sun­light Falls a Sha­dow
  494. O Bless­ed Sav­ior, Be My Guide
  495. O Bro­ther, Have You Heard the Sto­ry?
  496. O Bro­ther, I Be­seech You
  497. O Bro­ther, if the Lord Has Forgiv’n Your Sin
  498. O Bro­ther, Though You Have for Years
  499. O Great Phy­si­cian, Come to Me
  500. O Heart That Bleeds from Sor­row Deep
  501. O How He Loves Me
  502. O How Ma­ny Years up­on the Tide I Drift­ed
  503. O How Oft­en I Think as I Walk Down the Val­ley
  504. O I Have Some Let­ters from Hea­ven
  505. O Je­sus, Light of Lights
  506. O Lord, Re­vive the Old Time Pow­er
  507. O Lord, Send Me
  508. O Love That Pass­eth Know­ledge
  509. O My Bro­ther and My Sis­ter in the Lord
  510. O Pil­grim on Life’s Path­way Here
  511. O Prodigal, Wan­der­ing Afar To­day
  512. O Saint of God, Though Weak and Poor
  513. O Sin­ner, Are You Seek­ing That Coun­try in the Sky?
  514. O Sin­ner, Come List to This Won­der­ful Sto­ry
  515. O Sin­ner, on the Downward Way
  516. O Sol­dier, To­day in Life’s Bat­tle
  517. O Soul, Have You Heard?
  518. O Soul, So Far Away from God
  519. O the Best Songs of All
  520. O the Gos­pel Light Is Spread­ing
  521. O the Joy of Hea­ven Rings With­in My Soul
  522. O the Love of God Con­strains Me
  523. O the World Has Sung of Je­sus
  524. O There Is Great Joy in Hea­ven
  525. O What a Sin­ner Once Was I
  526. O What Are They Do­ing
  527. O What Bless­ed Words of Com­fort
  528. O What Can a Lit­tle Child Do?
  529. O What Do Ye More Than Oth­ers
  530. O What Is the Song That the Blood Washed Sing
  531. O What Joy We All Shall See
  532. O Where Is My Fa­ther Who Used to Love Me So
  533. O Why Should You Wor­ry, Dear?
  534. O Word of God, O Word of Truth
  535. O ’Tis a Great Change for Me
  536. O, Lord, When Alone and Drea­ry Is the Night
  537. O, Won’t You Meet Me There?
  538. Of All the Friends That We May Know
  539. Often My Soul Seems to Catch
  540. Often When Death and Dang­er Seem Near Me
  541. Often When Stars Shin­ing o’er Us
  542. Oh, Don’t You Hear Him Knock­ing?
  543. Old Sto­ry, The
  544. On Cal­va­ry’s Cross Je­sus Died for Me
  545. On Earth I Have Doubts and Fears
  546. On My Way to Yon­der Ci­ty
  547. On the Floods of Des­pair
  548. On the Moun­tains of Fol­ly
  549. On the Way from Earth to Glo­ry
  550. Once Deep Con­vict­ion the Lord on Me Did Roll
  551. Once Far from My Je­sus
  552. Once I Came a Poor, Pe­ni­tent Sin­ner
  553. Once I Found a Balm
  554. Once I Heard My Sav­ior Call­ing
  555. Once I Heard My Sav­ior Speak
  556. Once I Sought the Friend of Sin­ners
  557. Once I Stood by the Pool
  558. Once I Was Far from the Ha­ven of Rest
  559. Once I Was Hea­vy La­den
  560. Once I Was Sunk in Mi­ry Clay
  561. Once King Bel­shaz­zar Gave a Feast
  562. Once More We As­sem­ble
  563. Once More We Give the Part­ing Hand
  564. Once My Poor Heart Found That a Sin­ner’s Pray­er
  565. Once Peter Took a Step or Two
  566. Once Shep­herds in the Fields
  567. Once the An­gels Sang from Hea­ven
  568. Once the Voice of Christ the Sav­ior
  569. Once They Cru­ci­fied the Lord of Glo­ry
  570. Once up­on the Shift­ing Tides of Time
  571. Once up­on the Tide I Drift­ed
  572. One Night My Bark by the Tem­pest Was Driv­en
  573. Only Give Me Je­sus
  574. Only Once You Pass This Way
  575. Our Friends Are Cross­ing Ov­er
  576. Our Friends Are Ga­ther­ing One by One
  577. Our Lord Can Hold the Ocean in the Hol­low of His Hand
  578. Our Sav­ior’s Word Says God on High
  579. Our Sav­ior Al­ways Goes Ahead
  580. Our Sav­ior Is Com­ing from Hea­ven
  581. Out of the Dark­ness Ad­van­cing
  582. Out on the Moun­tain Far Away
  583. Out on the Moun­tain, Dark and Wild
  584. Out on the Moun­tains Far Away
  585. Out up­on the Moun­tains Far from Home
  586. Outside Your Door the Sav­ior Stands
  587. Over Our Path­way, En­shroud­ed
  588. Past the Sun and the Moon
  589. Pearls by the Way
  590. Pearly Gates of Glo­ry, The
  591. Pearly Gates Stand Op­en, The
  592. Pilgrim I’m Walk­ing Life’s Path­way, A
  593. Pilgrim Way Is One of Care, The
  594. Peter Asked the Sav­ior
  595. Praise Be to Our God
  596. Praise God for the Gos­pel
  597. Praise God Who Saves Us by His Grace
  598. Praise God, I’ve Found a Safe Re­treat
  599. Praise the Lord in Ho­ly Song
  600. Praise the Lord That I Am a Chris­tian
  601. Praise the Lord, for His Sal­va­tion
  602. Praise the Lord, There Is Mer­cy in Hea­ven
  603. Pray for Me
  604. Prodigal, Lone, Sick and Poor, A
  605. Put Your Hand to the Plow and Go Straight
  606. Question Comes to Me To­day, A
  607. Question Comes to You To­day, The
  608. Ready for Or­ders
  609. Rejoice with Great Joy Each Hour of the Day
  610. Rejoice, for Since Je­sus Hath Found You
  611. Resting in the Arms of Je­sus
  612. Resting To­day Are Our Loved Ones
  613. Ring Out the Glad Bells, the Sweet Christ­mas Bells
  614. Ring Out the News That Christ Is Born
  615. Royal Guest Stands at the Door, A
  616. Sailors Bound for Yon­der Shore
  617. Samuel Though That Eli Called Him
  618. Satisfied with Je­sus
  619. Savior, at Thy Bless­ed Feet
  620. Savior, Bless­ed Shep­herd, Lead Me
  621. Savior, Guide Me Down Life’s Ri­ver
  622. Savior, Guide Me with Thine Eye
  623. Savior Has Left up­on Re­cord for Me, The
  624. Savior Is Ev­ery­thing Pre­cious to Me, The
  625. Savior Lives With­in My Heart, The
  626. Savior Now Is Call­ing, The
  627. Savior, Take My Hand and Lead Me
  628. Savior, We Come to Thee This Hour
  629. Savior’s Smile, The
  630. See Our Migh­ty Ar­my, as We March Along
  631. Send a Wave of Sal­va­tion To­day
  632. Shall We Meet at Home in the Morn­ing
  633. Shall We Meet Be­yond the Ri­ver?
  634. Shall We Walk the Streets
  635. Sheep Were Sleep­ing With­in the Fold, The
  636. Shining for Je­sus
  637. Side by Side with Je­sus
  638. Since All My Sins Thou Didst For­give
  639. Since All Throne of Mer­cy
  640. Since God Be­stowed His Bless­ing
  641. Since I’ve Been on the High­way to Hea­ven
  642. Since I First Start­ed for Hea­ven and Right
  643. Since I Found Him at the Cross
  644. Since I Found Je­sus, His Love Grows
  645. Since I Found That Faith in Je­sus
  646. Since I Found the Sav­ior, I’m Hap­py Al­way
  647. Since I Have Been Con­vert­ed
  648. Since I Have Found Je­sus, Life Is Not the Same
  649. Since I Have Re­ceived of His Grace
  650. Since I Have Re­ceived Sal­va­tion, Sav­ior
  651. Since I Heard My Bless­ed Sav­ior Call Me
  652. Since I Learned to Fol­low Je­sus
  653. Since I Made the Lord My Choice
  654. Since I Read That My Friend Gave His Life
  655. Since I Re­ceived His Ho­ly Name
  656. Since I Start­ed for the Ci­ty
  657. Since I Start­ed Out for the Pro­mised Land
  658. Since I Start­ed Out to Find Thee
  659. Since Je­sus Washed My Sins Away
  660. Since Stormy Winds and Cloudy Skies His Bless­ed
  661. Since the Light of God Shone In
  662. Sinner, Lone­ly, Sick and Poor, A
  663. Sinner, on Life’s Stormy Ocean
  664. Sinner, Out up­on Life’s High­ways
  665. Sinner’s Friend Is Our Sav­ior Dear, The
  666. Skies Are Al­ways Bright Up There, The
  667. Soldier for Je­sus I Know, A
  668. Soldiers Are Ga­ther­ing, The
  669. Soldiers of Christ, Do Not For­get
  670. Soldiers of Christ, List
  671. Soldiers, See That Ban­ner o’er You
  672. Some Bless­ed Day
  673. Some Day I’ll See My Sav­ior, I Know Not When ’twill Be
  674. Some Day the Lord Will Come Again
  675. Some Per­fect Day
  676. Sometime Our Christ Is Com­ing
  677. Somewhere It Is Plant­ing Sea­son
  678. Songs That Mo­ther Sang
  679. Soon I’ll Reach Yon Hea­ven­ly Ci­ty
  680. Soon I Will Hear My Lord Say, Come
  681. Soon the Cur­tain Will Be Lifted
  682. Soul on Your Jour­ney from Earth to Hea­ven
  683. Soul, Art Thou Seek­ing That Hea­ven­ly Land?
  684. Soul, Now in Sin, So Far Away
  685. Souls Who Now Are Starv­ing on the Husks of Sin
  686. Star in the East, The
  687. Star of the East, Beth­le­hem’s Star
  688. Stars Now Shin­ing o’er Me Are Call­ing, The
  689. Stars Re­flect Him from Above, The
  690. Storm One Time Was Rag­ing Wild, A
  691. Story That Came from the Hea­vens Above, The
  692. Strive to Make the Day Seem Light­er
  693. Suppose the Lord Should Come To­night
  694. Sweeter Than All
  695. Sweetest Song That Earth Can Sing
  696. Sweetly Chime, Loud­ly Chime
  697. Sweetly the Sav­ior Leads Me Each
  698. Take Off the Old Coat
  699. Tell It o’er Moun­tain
  700. Tell It Ov­er Again
  701. Tell It Wher­ev­er You Go
  702. Tell Me Once More That Beau­ti­ful Sto­ry
  703. Tell Me the Sto­ry of Won­der­ful Love
  704. Tell Mo­ther I Am Com­ing
  705. That Means Me
  706. There Are Roads That Lead to the Hills of Peace
  707. There Are Those, Bless­ed Lord
  708. There Is a Bless­ed Land So High
  709. There Is a Face at Hea­ven’s Gate
  710. There Is a Friend Who Died for You
  711. There Is a Home Pre­pared for Me
  712. There Is a Hope Fills Our Souls
  713. There Is a Land by Faith I See
  714. There Is a Pic­ture Comes to Me
  715. There Is a Place of Per­fect Rest
  716. There Is a Place Where You May Rest
  717. There Is a Pro­mise That Je­sus Has Giv­en
  718. There Is Help for Your Soul
  719. There Is Hope for You, Wea­ry Sin Sick Soul
  720. There Is in the House of Da­vid
  721. There Is Life in the Name of Je­sus
  722. There Is Mer­cy at the Cross To­day
  723. There Is Mu­sic in My Soul
  724. There Is No One Like the Sav­ior
  725. There Is One of Whom My Prais­es Ne’er Shall End
  726. There Is One Who Is Call­ing in Mer­cy
  727. There Is One Who Walks
  728. There Is Rest Ov­er There
  729. There Is Sun­shine for the Pil­grim
  730. There Is Work to Do for Je­sus
  731. There Will Be Mu­sic Through­out the Whole Day
  732. There Will Be No Bur­dens Yon­der
  733. There Will Be No Dark­ened Glass to Look Through
  734. There’ll Be Shout­ing When He Comes
  735. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Land by the Bright
  736. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Land That Awaits the Just
  737. There’s a Bless­ing Je­sus Has for You
  738. There’s a Bright and Bless­ed Land
  739. There’s a Charm and a Bless­ing
  740. There’s a Ci­ty Bright and Fair
  741. There’s a Ci­ty Four­square in the Hea­vens
  742. There’s a Coun­try Far Ov­er the Ri­ver
  743. There’s a Great and Migh­ty Cap­tain
  744. There’s a Home of the Soul
  745. There’s a Home Past the Stars
  746. There’s a Home That Is Wait­ing for Me
  747. There’s a Home Where No Sha­dow
  748. There’s a Knock Long and Loud
  749. There’s a Land Be­yond the Sha­dow
  750. There’s a Land of Fade­less Beau­ty
  751. There’s a Land of Joy and Beau­ty
  752. There’s a Land of Joy and Bliss
  753. There’s a Land Where the Storms
  754. There’s a Land, We Are Told
  755. There’s a Place for Ev­ery One
  756. There’s a Place Where the An­gels of God Love to Meet
  757. There’s a Place Where Wea­ry Mor­tals
  758. There’s a Pre­cious, Pre­cious Pro­mise
  759. There’s a Pro­mise I Would Ask of You
  760. There’s a Rest That Re­mains
  761. There’s a Song That I Am Sing­ing
  762. There’s a Song That I Keep Sing­ing
  763. There’s a Still Small Voice
  764. There’s a Thought That Ought to Make
  765. There’s a Train That Runs
  766. There’s a Ves­sel Near the Land­ing
  767. There’s a Way of Peace
  768. There’s Joy in My Soul as I La­bor Each Day
  769. There’s Mu­sic Ring­ing in the Air
  770. There’s No Cloud Can Cast a Sha­dow
  771. There’s No Friend Like Je­sus
  772. There’s No Night Can Cause Its Sha­dow
  773. There’s One Who Left Glo­ry
  774. These Are the Words of Our Sav­ior
  775. They Cru­ci­fied My Sav­ior
  776. They Tell Me of a Coun­try
  777. Things Now Veiled in Mys­te­ry, The
  778. Things of Earth Will Soon De­cay, The
  779. This Is All That I De­sire
  780. This Is My Mis­sion Wher­ev­er I Go
  781. This Life Is Filled with Hard­ships
  782. This Pro­mise Stands Forth
  783. This Shall Be My Dai­ly Pray­er
  784. Thou Hast Gone to Yon­der Ci­ty
  785. Though All Around on Ev­ery Hand
  786. Though at Times We May Be Wea­ry
  787. Though but a Pil­grim on Earth
  788. Though Dark­ness Once Hung o’er My Way
  789. Though Days May Be Se­rene and Bright
  790. Though Death’s Sha­dows Round Me Creep
  791. Though Ear­ly Things May Not En­dure
  792. Though Earth­ly Things May Not En­dure
  793. Though Friends Are Kind
  794. Though I May Not for the Night
  795. Though I May Wan­der This World
  796. Though I My Sav­ior May Not See
  797. Though I Was Once Con­demned to Die
  798. Though in This World of Sin and Woe
  799. Though o’er My Life­less Form
  800. Though o’er the Earth You May Wan­der Afar
  801. Though Once in Jo­seph’s Tomb
  802. Though Oth­er Themes Some Hearts Re­joice
  803. Though Our on Life’s Ocean the Storm May Be Wild
  804. Though Some Build Their Hopes
  805. Though Some­times the Storms Sweep Around Me
  806. Though Stormy Gales Sweep o’er Life’s Sea
  807. Though the Clouds Hang o’er My Way
  808. Though the Mys­tic Veil of Dark­ness
  809. Though the Storm Beat­en Waves
  810. Though the Storms May Sweep Mad­ly
  811. Though the Waves of Life
  812. Though the Years of Your Life
  813. Though Through This Vale of Mys­te­ry
  814. Though Thy Path May Lead
  815. Though up­on My Pil­grim Jour­ney
  816. Though When Walk­ing Down Life’s Val­ley
  817. Though You Wan­dered Afar
  818. Through a Glass We Now See Dark­ly
  819. Through Nar­rows Some Ves­sels
  820. Through This World of Sin and Woe
  821. Time for the Ze­phyrs of Spring­time, The
  822. Time Is Glid­ing Like the Shut­tle
  823. ’Tis but a Lit­tle Long­er to Tra­vel
  824. ’Tis Sad to Think, That Though Some Hear
  825. ’Tis Writ­ten in God’s Book of Life
  826. To My Sav­ior Now I Go
  827. To Pay the Debt for Ad­am’s Race
  828. To Tell the World About the Sav­ior’s Birth
  829. To the Cross of Cal­va­ry
  830. To Wash Away the Stains of Sin
  831. Today All o’er the World One Sees
  832. Today Our Eyes with Tears Are Wet
  833. Toiling for the Mas­ter
  834. Toiling on Life’s Pil­grim Path­way
  835. Trumpeter for Je­sus, A
  836. Under His Wings
  837. Under the Sha­dow of Thy Wings
  838. Upon His Poor Wan­der­ing Child­ren
  839. Upon the Clouds of Hea­ven
  840. Upon the Walls of Me­mo­ry
  841. Valley of Elim, The
  842. Waiting Soul, Sal­va­tion Need­ing
  843. Wandering Boy, The
  844. Washed in the Blood
  845. Way to Be Christ­like, The
  846. We Are Al­most Home
  847. We’ll Sing the Praise of Je­sus
  848. We’re Child­ren of the Hea­ven­ly King
  849. We’re March­ing to a Coun­try
  850. We’re March­ing to a Land Above
  851. We’re Told of a Land Be­yond the Blue Sky
  852. We’re Watch­ing and Pray­ing All Along
  853. We’ve Joined the Glo­ri­ous Ar­my
  854. We Are Al­most Home
  855. We Are Free from the Chains
  856. We Are in to Win
  857. We Are March­ing Forth to a Home on High
  858. We Are on Our Jour­ney
  859. We Are on Our Pil­grim Road
  860. We Are on Our Way to Ca­naan
  861. We Are on the Lord’s Side
  862. We Are Press­ing To­ward a Coun­try
  863. We Are Told of a Bright
  864. We Are Told of a Ci­ty Eter­nal
  865. We Are Told That Up in Hea­ven
  866. We Are Wait­ing and Watch­ing
  867. We Have a Friend in Je­sus
  868. We Know Not Why Dark Clouds O’er­cast
  869. We Long Around on Ev­ery Side
  870. We May Tell Je­sus When We Are Bur­dened
  871. We Meet Once More with Hearts Aflame
  872. We See Our Sav­ior on Ahead
  873. We Shall See Our Sav­ior’s Face
  874. We Will Crown Our Sav­ior King
  875. Weary and La­den with Sin
  876. Weary Soul, Why Art Thou So Dis­tressed?
  877. Weary with Toil­ing and Worn Out with Care
  878. Weary, Sin-Sick Soul, if You Want to Rest
  879. We’ll All Meet at Home
  880. We’ll Go Shout­ing
  881. What a Great Fire Kin­dled
  882. What a Trans­for­ma­tion
  883. What Brought a Curse up­on Our Race
  884. What Care I for Storms of Life
  885. What Is That to Thee?
  886. What Kind of Seed Are You Sow­ing To­day?
  887. What Sweet Com­fort Here Is Giv­en
  888. What Though Dark May Be the Night
  889. What Though My Sins Rise Like a Flood
  890. What Though Our Backs Are Bend­ing at Times
  891. What Though Our Par­ents Have Left Us To­day
  892. What Though Our Path­way Be Shroud­ed in Dark­ness
  893. What Though Storms May Sweep Ov­er Life’s Ocean
  894. What Though the Sha­dow of Night
  895. What Will Be My State of Mind?
  896. What Will You Say on That Great Day?
  897. What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do, Dear Lord?
  898. When All Around the Sha­dows Are Deep
  899. When by World­ly Cares
  900. When Christ Was Born
  901. When Clouds, Dark and Hea­vy
  902. When Clouds, Dark as Mid­night
  903. When Dark and Drea­ry Is My Road
  904. When Dark­ness Ga­thers o’er Me
  905. When Dark­ness Is Hedg­ing My Way
  906. When Dark­ness Once Her Wings Had Spread
  907. When Dark­ness Ov­er All the Earth
  908. When Days Are Gloomy
  909. When Days Be­come Drea­ry
  910. When First I Sought the Sin­ner’s Friend
  911. When from Ev­ery Land and Na­tion
  912. When God Held Out His Hand
  913. When He Op­ened Hea­ven’s Gate for Me
  914. When His Bo­dy Was Brok­en for Me
  915. When I Am Through with Toil and Care
  916. When I Am Wea­ry with Toil­ing
  917. When I Came to the Lord with a Bur­den of Sin
  918. When I Have Set Sail
  919. When I Heard That Blest In­vi­ta­tion
  920. When I Joined the Chris­tian Ar­my
  921. When I Reach That Ci­ty
  922. When I Reach the Gold­en Ci­ty
  923. When I See Life’s Sun Go Down
  924. When I Was Lost on the Sea of Sin
  925. When I’m Faint from Home and Kin­dred
  926. When I’m Through My Pil­grim Jour­ney
  927. When in Life’s Bat­tle My Wea­ry Soul Would Rest
  928. When in Pray­er You Call on Je­sus
  929. When Is­ra­el’s Hosts Were March­ing
  930. When I’ve Sailed the Last League
  931. When Je­sus Died on the Cross
  932. When Je­sus Died on Cal­va­ry’s Tree
  933. When Je­sus Turned the Cur­rent On
  934. When Life’s Break­ers Dash Around You
  935. When Like Pe­ter, I’ve De­nied Thee
  936. When Man by Sin Was Con­demned to Die
  937. When Mar­tha Met Christ
  938. When Mid These Scenes No More We Roam
  939. When My Barque I Shall Steer
  940. When My Boat I Shall An­chor
  941. When My Feet Shall Press the Streets of Gold
  942. When My Sav­ior Came to Earth
  943. When My Sav­ior Sends His An­gels
  944. When My Ship Sails Away
  945. When My Sky Is with Clouds Ov­er­spread
  946. When My Soul Is Op­pressed
  947. When My Work on Earth Is End­ed
  948. When Oft up­on Life’s Stormy Wave
  949. When on Earth No More We Ga­ther
  950. When on the Ocean of Life So Wide
  951. When Our Lord Shall Come Again
  952. When Our Ships Come Sail­ing Home
  953. When Our Toil Be­low Is End­ed
  954. When Our Warf­are Here
  955. When Sinks the Sun in Yon­der West
  956. When Storm Clouds Ga­ther o’er the Way
  957. When Storms Are Sweep­ing o’er Thy Way
  958. When Storms of Life Are ’Round Us Sweep­ing
  959. When the An­gel Trump Is Sound­ing
  960. When the An­gel Trump Shall Wake Us
  961. When the An­gel’s Trump Shall Sound
  962. When the Bat­tle’s Smoke Has Cleared Away
  963. When the Bur­den Is Hard to Bear
  964. When the Cap­tive Maid Had Told of a Pro­phet
  965. When the Church En­ters Zion
  966. When the Clear Pear­ly Gates Ope for Me
  967. When the Clouds Hang Hea­vy
  968. When the Cross Is Hard to Bear
  969. When the Dar­ken­ing Twi­light
  970. When the Day­light For­ev­er Has Fad­ed
  971. When the Fire Came Down
  972. When the Fires Are Bright­ly Burn­ing
  973. When the Gates of Hea­ven Op­ened Years Ago
  974. When the Gold­en Gate Swings Op­en
  975. When the Hea­vens at Last Roll Up
  976. When the King Shall Come in His Glo­ry
  977. When the Last Day Shall Come
  978. When the Light of God Shone In
  979. When the March of Life Is Ov­er
  980. When the Re­deemed Are Ga­ther­ing In
  981. When the Sanc­ti­fy­ing Pow­er of the Lord
  982. When the Sav­ior Shall Call for His Saints
  983. When the Sav­ior Was Born
  984. When the Shades of Ev­en­ing Ga­ther
  985. When the Sha­dows Fall Around Us
  986. When the Sha­dows Ho­ver Near
  987. When the Storm Clouds Ga­ther
  988. When the Sun Goes Down
  989. When the Sun Shall Turn to Dark­ness
  990. When the Tem­pests of Life Sweep Around My Poor Soul
  991. When the Temp­ter’s Coils Are Round Thee
  992. When the Way Is Rough Be­fore
  993. When the Way Looks Drea­ry
  994. When They Crown My Sav­ior Ov­er Yon­der
  995. When Time Shall Be Ov­er
  996. When to Zi­on the Saints Shall Return
  997. When Trou­ble Seems to Hedge
  998. When up­on Life’s Roll­ing Ocean
  999. When up­on the Pil­grim Path­way
  1000. When We All Reach Our Home
  1001. When We Are Wea­ry and by Care
  1002. When We Are Wea­ry with Weep­ing
  1003. When We from Yon Por­tals Look Back­ward
  1004. When We Hear the Trum­pet Sound­ing
  1005. When We Leave Earth’s Shore
  1006. When We Reach Our Fair Home
  1007. When We Reach Our Home in Hea­ven
  1008. When With­in Those Hea­ven­ly Man­sions
  1009. When You Reach That Home
  1010. When You Stand Among the Faith­ful
  1011. When, His Star of Glo­ry Shone
  1012. Whene’er My Work on Earth Is Done
  1013. Whenever in God’s Word You Read
  1014. Where Are the Dis­ci­ples?
  1015. Where My Sav­ior Leads Me
  1016. Where the Har­vest Waves in the Fields of Sin
  1017. Where the Har­vest Waves in the Rip­ened Field
  1018. Where the Har­vest Waves
  1019. Wheresoe’er I May Go
  1020. Wheresoever My Lot May Fall
  1021. Whether Scal­ing Some High Moun­tain
  1022. While He Is Pass­ing By
  1023. While Here in the Val­ley of Sin
  1024. While Here on Life’s Jour­ney
  1025. While I’m on the Road to the Pro­mised Land
  1026. While I’m Toil­ing Now Here
  1027. While I Am Cross­ing Life’s Ocean
  1028. While I Am Pray­ing for Grace
  1029. While I Tra­vel Here Be­low
  1030. While I Tread Life’s Pil­grim Way
  1031. While Mus­ing on God’s Love One Day
  1032. While on My Jour­ney to That Land of End­less Day
  1033. While on the Road That Leads Me Home
  1034. While on Thy Jour­ney, O My Soul
  1035. While Pass­ing Down Time’s Wea­ry Road
  1036. While Press­ing On
  1037. While Press­ing To­ward That Ci­ty
  1038. While the Har­vest Moon Is Shin­ing
  1039. While the Ze­phyrs Are Blow­ing
  1040. While Tossed by the Waves of Life’s Ocean
  1041. While Tra­vel­ing Through This Vale of Tears
  1042. While up­on the Pil­grim’s Path­way
  1043. While We Now, Dear Lord
  1044. Who Will An­swer for Me?
  1045. Whole World Will Be Drawn to the Sav­ior, The
  1046. Will I Have a Guide at the Ev­en­tide?
  1047. Will My Mo­ther Know Me There?
  1048. With All the World Be­fore Me
  1049. Winds Across the Plains Will Sweep, The
  1050. With An­gels Bright to Yon­der Shore
  1051. With God’s Love, from Above
  1052. With Hands That Are Bleed­ing
  1053. With Hearts At­tuned with Praise
  1054. With Joy I Press on the King’s High­way
  1055. With Un­co­vered Head We Are Stand­ing
  1056. Wonderful Glo­ry for Me
  1057. Wonderful Vol­ume in Hea­ven, A
  1058. Wondrous Love of My Sav­ior, The
  1059. Word of God Tells Me, The
  1060. Words of the Sav­ior, The
  1061. Working with Je­sus
  1062. World Is Full of Sor­row, The
  1063. Worthy the Lamb
  1064. What Shall It Pro­fit?
  1065. Would You Help Some Bro­ther?
  1066. Would You Know That Peace?
  1067. Would You Lose Your Load of Sin?
  1068. Ye Ar­mies of the Lord of Hosts
  1069. Ye Pil­grims on a For­eign Strand
  1070. Ye Sol­diers of Je­sus, Keep Push­ing Ahead
  1071. Ye Sol­diers of the King­dom
  1072. Ye Wea­ry, Thirs­ty, Dy­ing Souls
  1073. Ye Work­ers in God’s Vine­yard
  1074. You Are Hop­ing, O My Bro­ther
  1075. You May Sing Me a Song
  1076. You May Tell My Dear Old Par­ents
  1077. You May Tell Them I’ll Be There
  1078. You May Tell Your Dear Old Par­ents
  1079. You Say That You Are Saved, Dear Friend
  1080. You Will Live a Life of Glad­ness
  1081. Your Fa­ther’s Good Plea­sure

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