1. Again the Rounded Year
  2. At Harvest Time
  3. Bountiful Harvest
  4. Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
  5. Creation’s Lord, We Give Thee Thanks
  6. Earth Is the Lord’s, The
  7. Father of Earth and Heaven
  8. Father, Whate’er of Earthly Bliss
  9. Fields of Gold Are Glow1ing
  10. For All the Blessings of the Year
  11. Fountain of Mercies, God of Love
  12. From Thee, My God, All Blessings Spring
  13. Full of Providential Love
  14. Give Thanks
  15. Give Thanks to God
  16. Give Thanks to God, for Good Is He
  17. Give Thanks to God, Invoke His Name
  18. Give Thanks to God Most High
  19. Give Thanks to God the Lord
  20. Give Thanks unto the Lord, Jehovah
  21. God of Harvest Praise, The
  22. God Opens Wide His Hand
  23. God the Father! Whose Creation
  24. Good Is the Lord, the Heav’nly King
  25. Grace Before Meat
  26. Great God, as Seasons Disappear
  27. Great God of Nations, Now to Thee
  28. Holy Is the Seed-Time
  29. How Good It Is to Thank the Lord
  30. Hymn of Thanksgiving
  31. I Have Christ!
  32. I Thank Thee, Lord
  33. In Our Day of Thanksgiving
  34. Is This the Kind Return?
  35. King of Kings
  36. Let Every Tongue My Savior Praise
  37. Lord of the Harvest, Once Again
  38. Lord, We Thank Thee for the Pleasure
  39. My God, I Thank Thee
  40. Not Alone for Mighty Empire
  41. Now Our God
  42. Now Sing We a Song for the Harvest
  43. Now Thank We All Our God
  44. Now the Year Is Crowned with Blessing
  45. O Give Thanks to Him Who Made
  46. O King of Kings, O Lord of Hosts
  47. O Lord, All Glorious, Life of Life
  48. O Render Thanks to God Above
  49. O Sing to the Lord, Whose Bountiful Hand
  50. O Thou Whose Bounty Fills My Cup
  51. Our Souls with Pleasing Wonder View
  52. Praise, O Praise Our God and King
  53. Praise to God, Immortal Praise
  54. Rejoice Today with One Accord
  55. Return, My Soul, and Seek Thy Rest
  56. Sing to the Lord of Harvest
  57. Sower Went Forth Sowing, The
  58. Thank Him for the Sunshine
  59. Thankfulness
  60. Thanks to God
  61. Thanksgiving
  62. Thanksgiving, A
  63. Thanksgiving, The
  64. Thanksgiving Song
  65. Thou Gracious Power
  66. Thou Visiteth the Earth
  67. Thou, Who Dwell’st Enthroned on High
  68. Thoughtless Brute His Master Knows, The
  69. Thy Bounties, Gracious Lord
  70. ’Tis Thanksgiving Morn Again!
  71. To Praise the Ever Bounteous Lord
  72. To Thee, Eternal Soul, Be Praise!
  73. To Thee, O God, We Render Thanks
  74. To Thee, O God, Whose Father Hand
  75. To Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise
  76. We Bless the Lord, the Just, the Good
  77. We Bless Thee, Lord
  78. We Gather Together
  79. We Lift Our Hearts in Thanks Today
  80. We Plow the Fields
  81. We Praise Thee, God, for Harvests Earned
  82. We Thank Thee, Lord, for This Fair Earth
  83. We Thank Thee, Our Father
  84. We Thank You, Lord
  85. What Our Father Does Is Well
  86. What Shall I Render to My God (Watts)
  87. What Shall I Render to My God (Wesley)
  88. When I Survey Life’s Varied Scene
  89. Whole-Hearted Thanksgiving to Thee I Will Bring
  90. With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring
  91. Year Is Swiftly Waning, The